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Executive Chef & Owner, Michael Kotecki

A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Michael loves creating unforgettable meals and pays acute attention to the preparation of every course from start to finish. Attending the Culinary Institute of America and graduating in 1982, Michael was soon after recruited by the Hilton hotel chain as an Opening Chef. He was a part of their corporate opening team, traveling across the United States from 1985 to 1989. Following this, Michael began a catering business out of his mother’s basement, named Particular Parties. He then went on to run the VFW Buddy Knaus Post on Broadway and Transit in Lancaster, New York.

It wasn’t until the end of 1989 that Kotecki’s Grandview Grove was established at 4685 Seneca Street in West Seneca. Looking forward twenty-five years later, Michael attributes success to one very special element—his family. Still playing a large role in the operation and maintenance of the facility, the Kotecki family takes great pride in their success.


Wedding & Special Events Coordinator, Kate Kotecki-Lichtenthal

In 2015, Kate reassumed her role in the family business acting as the Wedding & Special Events Coordinator and Business Manager. Kate attended West Seneca East Senior High School where she was a member of the swim team and has devoted her life after school to helping people. Previously holding roles as a certified nurse’s assistant for the McGuire Group, an emergency medical technician for Rural Metro, a volunteer firefighter for Vigilant Fire Company and having more than five years of customer service expertise, Kate’s ability to help and understand people’s needs make her a truly exceptional Event Coordinator.

kate & john

Office Manager & Marketing Director, John Lichtenthal

Husband of Kate Kotecki-Lichtenthal, John joined Kotecki’s in 2015 taking over all Office Operations and Marketing Initiatives. John is a graduate of the University at Buffalo and holds a Master’s Degree in Urban Planning. Using his past experience in the fields of graphic design, data analysis and marketing, John maintains all of Kotecki’s graphic design content and marketing campaigns promoting the family business. Working hand-in-hand (sometimes literally), John and Kate are a dynamic team with complimenting personalities that are able to provide clients with an experience unmatched by others.

After 32 years in business

With the help of his family, Michael Kotecki has realized all of his dreams, which he would love to share with you at Kotecki’s Grandview Grove—Lifelong Memories Begin here…

Thank you for considering Kotecki’s Grandview Grove as the site of your upcoming event.