Kotecki's Dream Wedding Menu



The Dream Wedding Menu consists of 6 different customizable package options featuring 3 Family-Style options and 3 Dual-Entrée Plated options.


Each package option establishes a 5-hour event with 4-hours of open bar and allows for various tiered upgrades, depending on individual selections.


Each Wedding Event is based on a standard 5-hour event timeline as follows:


• 1 Hour Cocktails & Hors d’Oeuvres

• 1 Hour Dinner & Dessert

• 3 Hours Dancing & Remaining Open Bar


Upon request & approval, timelines may be adjusted and open bars may be extended to a maximum of 5-hours of open bar.


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Family-Style MealPlated Meal

Family-Style Package Comparison


There are three Family-Style Packages to choose from: The Henry, The Lincoln & The Matthew. Going along with the theme of using family names for each component of our venue, these three packages are named after the next generation in line to take over Kotecki’s – Kate & John’s three sons!

With family-style dining, each table receives 5 items consisting of two entrées and three sides. Guests at the table pass and share the food at the table and
make their own plates to their individual liking. Dietary restrictions may be accommodated with prior notice given in an appropriate time frame.

Each package is based off of four hours of open bar and each price varies depending on what’s included in each.


Dual-Entrée Plated Package Comparison


There are three Dual-Entrée Plated Packages to choose from: The Michael, The Richard & The Mary Ann. Paying respect to the family members largely responsible for the foundation of Kotecki’s, these three packages are named after Chef & Owner Michael Kotecki and his parents, Richard & Mary Ann!

With dual-entrée plated dining, each guest receives their own fully assembled meal consisting of two entrées and two sides, chosen by the newlyweds. Dietary restrictions may be accommodated with prior notice given in an appropriate time frame.

Each package is based off of four hours of open bar and each price varies depending on what’s included in each.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can we provide our own catering?

No! Kotecki’s Grandview Grove is the sole caterer permited for all weddings set to take place at Kotecki’s. We take pride in our food and our reputation is based on it! We do however allow you to bring in homemade cookies or sweets for dessert tables and displays (with written consent by a Kotecki’s representative).

Can we bring in homemade cookies?

Absolutely! Kotecki’s asks they are put on trayed how you would like they displayed. We will not tray your cookies for you. If cookies are required to be trayed upon arrival a traying fee of $25 per tray will be charged.

For Plated Meals, do guests have to choose which entrée they want?

No! All of our Plated Meals are dual-entrees, meaning they get both entrée selections chosen during your Final Plan meeting. (i.e., if you choose Filet Sirloin & Chicken Marsala, then every single plate coming out of the kitchen will have Filet Sirloin & Chicken Marsala!)

For Plated Meals, what if I want to let my guests choose which entrée combination they want?

We call this option Split Choice, which is available for an additional fee. With Split Choice meals, you would still choose a beef option for your guests, and then the guests would choose one of two entrée options to go along with it. (i.e., Filet Mignon with Chicken Marsala or Filet Mignon with Fresh Salmon)

Opting for Split Choice requires assigned seating with escort cards labeled accordingly based on each guests’ meal selection.

For Family-Style Meals, what if a table runs out of something?

With Family-Style dining, each table is presented with 5 items consisting of 2 entrées and 3 sides, with enough food intended for everyone at the table to receive at least one serving of each item. It is important to remember that these 5 items are meant to be shared by each member of the table.

Generally, refills may be available upon request on a first come first serve basis, depending on the overall consumption of the party during dinner.

Can I come in and try everything on your menu?

Unfortunately, no. At Kotecki’s, we operate a scratch kitchen, meaning we only keep food on-site for upcoming and current parties. Doing so allows our food to be prepared using the highest quality and freshest indgredients, resulting in amazing food that your guests will positively comment on for years to come.

We do however have other options in place for tasting particular menu items depending on availability which can be checked by contacting your Kotecki’s representative!

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